How it (net)works

Finding your needle in the haystack

Did you know that 80% of the visitors attending a symposium or conference come to meet new people? New contacts offer new knowledge, different perspectives, inspiration and new opportunities. But in practice it often turns out to be difficult to make contact with the right people. Time is short and you don’t know who you should speak to. And sometimes it is simply rather nerve-racking. Many conversations start by random chance. You talk to the people you meet where the coffee is being served or who sit next to you in the room. But of course the chance of the person you need happening to sit next to you is small. How can you find the ideal partner to talk to on such a day? How do you know who to talk to and how can you easily make contact? Networkapp helps you find the person best able to answer your question. And you can easily make an appointment through the app, often even before the event starts.

Ask your question or give an answer

You can find your event in the Networkapp by using the event code sent to you by the conference or gathering organiser. You will also find features for asking questions, creating your own programme and obtaining information about other participants. Place your request, chat and make appointments. Tell the group what you are looking for and let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the know-how of others. If you ask a specific question, other visitors may be able to help you further. Before you know it, you will have arranged an appointment!

Your personal assistant

Networkapp sets things out clearly. You can see the most recent requests at a glance, check the programme and create your own schedule for the day. Networkapp always displays the most up-to-date programme view. And your own appointments, of course.

Getting started

Your visitors download Networkapp and find your event. Everything has the right look and feel. They get a personalized diary and can start networking, effortlessly making contact with other visitors, speakers and exhibitors. They can start straight away, as soon as the app is installed!

Valuable connections

The requests are the key: the basis that contacts are made on. That is the way to obtain the most valuable connections. Nothing and nobody is excluded, unique combinations are formed... instead of random chance or an automatic matching system determining who comes into contact with who.

Everyone gets involved

Convenience for the users is maximised because the user only needs one tool, which can be re-used every time. Networkapp is far from simply being a digital programme booklet: it is an inter-active social media tool that combines online communication with physical encounters. Some 50 to 100% of guests make use of Networkapp .

You profit financially from Networkapp

Lower costs for printed materials; additional advertising income thanks to segmented push ad-verts and narrowcasting; more and longer moments of contact; insights into what your participants want, which let you optimise the quality of the session content. With Networkapp , you both save money and earn money.

For everybody

Networkapp adds a new dimension to events. You can network effectively, making optimum use of know-how and time. It lets you work efficiently on the future of your network, service or product.

  1. Download Networkapp from the App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Phone Store
  2. Register via LinkedIn or e-mail.
  3. Use the event organiser’s event code.

There’s more that Networkapp does

Powerful communication tool

Communication starts even before the event, via push messages, your words of welcome, a spe-cial request within the theme, messages from speakers and guests ... Your workshop leaders can also send messages directly to their participants. During the event, you can spread the latest news via Networkapp . And the exhibitors? They receive additional exposure via the app through direct contacts, notable comments and segmented messages for each target group. After the event, you can maintain your own community via news messages and by announcing new events. Stay in touch! Networkapp has links to Twitter and LinkedIn. Naturally.

Live interaction

You can see straight away on a large screen what questions visitors are asking, what know-how is available and what new contacts have been made. The use of Networkapp can also be followed in real time, with easy access to the latest results for the day. Achieving your business objectives has never been so simple!

Multifunctional usage

You can easily create your own personalised version of Networkapp via your own dashboard. This helps you to stay in control of last-minute changes and the messages that are sent. You get unrestricted access to relevant data. If you want to combine Networkapp with your own registra-tion tool, voting module or evaluation tool, that is certainly possible. You also have the option to add to visitors’ personal profiles, enter categories in the lists of participants and apply search functions.

Business contacts that last

Networkapp is still valuable after the event has ended. The new contacts are maintained and you can simply use the app again for a following event. Of course, there will then be even more interesting contacts who can help you progress further. When will we meet up again?