Event Cases

Beautiful Paris, venue for the 2019 Plastics Solutions Forum on February the 4th and 5th. A small Forum with 300 guests on the theme of plastic recycling. This theme was addressed through roundtables, one-on-one meetings between develope[..] Read more
The International Metropolis Conference The Hague 2017 can be considered a happy customer of Networkapp. The use of Networkapp gave us a contact besides newsletters etc with the participants of the conference. From the beginning when we sen[..] Read more
It was truly a pleasure working with Networkapp. We had very precise specifications for the app, and Networkapp was able to develop exactly what we asked for on an extremely tight timeline. You both were tremendously professional and helpfu[..] Read more
"Networkapp gave us the opportunity to extend our offline event online. The poll also worked well. It let us take a different approach for casting votes from our usual method" Marleen Smid, Event manager Port4Growth    [..] Read more
We have a large, complex programme – surely you won’t get a good overview of that on such a small screen?    - Chamber of Commerce Our solution Programmes that can be divided up flexibly using blocks, thematically based colour[..] Read more
Exhibitors are important to us and we want to help them make contacts directly with their target group. Can Networkapp help with this?    Intersafe - Groeneveld Our solution All the exhibitors can be found via the home screen with a f[..] Read more
  We have so much knowledge in our organisation but who is working on what projects and who is indispensable when it comes to a particular topic? Internal networking is crucial for a large knowledge-based organisation, but how can we do th[..] Read more
Our solution The guests can decide in advance which experts they would like to talk to and make their own appointments beforehand. That makes the networking process less off-putting and enhances the effectiveness of a visit to your confere[..] Read more
The programme is only finalised at the last minute and we want to let our guests make well-considered selections from what’s on offer. But how do I keep a grip on the room allocation? And how do I make sure nobody ends up talking to an em[..] Read more

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