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You can buy the Networkapp Event App for a single event based on the number of participants. If necessary you can update and expand Event App at any time through our platform with any of our extra modules.

These modules offer a little extra:

Plus Module Messaging

Need to send a message to a specific target group? Create target groups with tags on the participants list or by adding additional questions to the app. You can then use this for pushing adds on behalf of exhibitors, sending polls to specific groups or workshop participants for input on behalf of the workshop leader.

Plus Module Speed Dating

Participants set up meetings together at the meeting points quite easily. However, you can do much more with the Plus Module Speed dating. Decide in advance which experts will be available for one-on-one chats (speed dates) so participants can visit their favourite expert at the times you’ve pre-set.


Plus Module Promotion

Offer Sponsors and partners extra exposure on the event’s home screen by adding them to the carousel or ad banner. Give each sponsor their own details page or build up the exhibitors list to grab more attention. There’s plenty of space for a larger ad, the sponsor’s story, other links and the names of the people involved on behalf of the sponsor so that they can be approached personally by the event’s participants.

Plus Module Dynamic Floorplan

Prior to the event, participants can select their favourite exhibitors which will then be highlighted on their floorplan. This makes it easier for participants to find certain exhibitors and allows them to go directly to the exhibitor’s detailed personal page. From exhibitors list to floorplan from floorplan to exhibitor. Creating a floorplan is easy with the simple drag-and-drop system.


Plus Module Narrowcasting

Basic “What’s appening?

This shows what’s happening at your event. Big screens displaying app requests, the event’s programme, giving your partners big screen time and live tweets about the event will be shown using your corporate identity and background pictures (no hardware).

Plus “Connecting Knowledge”
This screen shows how participants are connected at the event in real time, based on goals and relevant profile data. All Tweets, polls and what’s next on the programme will be shown including extra screen time for sponsors. Fully automated and complete (no hardware required)

Plus module Live Voting

For the Live Voting Module, we’ve been working together with our partner SPILTER. Adding questions to the module is simple. There are two versions available. The simple version enables you to ask a few closed questions or submit simple hypotheses. We can instruct a technician, present at the event, on how to control the module. The more extensive version allows you to program multiple sessions and gives you the opportunity to ask open questions and put up a word cloud. Design support for the voting module and technical support at the event is possible at extra cost (hardware not included).

If you prefer using a different voting module, that’s not a problem. Simply add the URL that refers to the voting environment of your choice to the Event App. Sendsteps or Polleverywhere for example.


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