Your network in the palm of your hand

Your network in the palm of your hand thanks to the Networkapp Community. Making it possible to stay connected, keep on top of what's going on and get the most out of the group.

In control of the network
As well as an event app, Networkapp offers a community app that makes it possible for all its members to discuss relevant themes all year round. Finding other Community members is easy with the main search function or look up other members using specific criteria like work field or expertise. Members can also share know-how or place requests.

In control with colleagues
You’ll be given access to your own platform you can manage with colleagues. This way you’ll always be in control. Giving you the opportunity to make changes, send messages and ask others for their opinion. Creating direct insight into what’s going on in your network. All this adds an extra dimension to your marketing and communications strategy.

Unlimited events
You can announce any number of events in the community at no extra cost, whatever the size. Community members can easily sign up for events with the app and/or on your registration page. Read up on the Networkapp Event app

CRM link
Want a direct link to your current CMS CRM system? No problem. We’ll discuss your preferences and analyse the technical possibilities to give you a customized estimate.

Tips & Tricks interaction
In our Tips & Tricks document we explain how you can integrate the total marketing and communication mix. Want more? We can introduce you to our agent Elma Media (the media partner for industrial and professional associations). They can support you when setting up your own media and communications strategy.

Got all you need? Get in touch for an estimate or contact us with any questions you have.