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Connecting people in a targeted way. Find one another based on what you have to offer rather than random chance. Every Event or Community starts with Networkapp.

How it works.

Your visitors download Networkapp and find your event or community. Everything has the right look and feel. They get a personalized program and can start networking, effortlessly making contact with other visitors, speakers and exhibitors. They can start straight away, as soon as the app is installed!

What can you do with Networkapp?

You reap the benefits.

Your community

Make optimum use of the knowledge in the group. Build your community and Let members exchange know-how and make appointments with one another all year round. Both online and offline – that too is possible with Networkapp .

Direct interaction

Networkapp is unique because the tool’s design leads directly to interaction. Your guests have a great deal of privacy plus a good overview. Networkapp is attractively priced, quick to implement and adds value for you and your visitors.        

Link knowledge, experience and networks

Visitors with a common background or common request are easily able to find one another and immediately make contact.

Convenience and your own dashboard

Easy to combine with your own corporate style, registration tool, voting module or evaluation tool. You can target messages by sending them to all your guests or just those guests for whom the message is relevant. You manage your Networkapp content yourself and you are always in control.

The most comprehensive event app

If you want to achieve more, you can easily add event app modules to Networkapp , including personal programmes, speed dating, evaluations and live Networkapp results on large screens.

The value of your event

Networkapp sends you relevant statistics during and after the event: the number of connections made, cross-sector connections, contacts between speakers and their audience, and the most actively discussed topics. These are key indicators that you can even use during the event.

Personal programme

Put together your own programme, plan speed dates or find your personal programme directly in the app. Convenient, clear access to all the relevant information.

A valuable event

Together with all the other participants in the event, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Yet all this information is barely used during an event: how can you know who has what information? Networkapp makes sure that your request reaches the right person.

From online to offline

You can find a lot of information online, but genuine collaboration takes off once you meet face to face. Networkapp helps you to prepare for the event online so that during the event you can speak to the people who can be valuable to you. This will enhance the benefit you get from attending the event.

Keep in touch

New contacts are saved and you can retrieve them through your personal profile. Keep Networkapp on your phone and simply add new meetings or communities.

Make contact easily

Networkapp lets you make contact easily with other visitors. Say what you are looking for and respond to other people’s requests, letting you build an active network even before you attend the event.

Marleen Smid

Event Manager at Port4Growth

"Networkapp gave us the opportunity to extend our offline event online. The poll also worked well. It let us take a different approach for casting votes from our usual method."

For everybody

Networkapp adds a new dimension to events. You can network effectively, making optimum use of know-how and time. It lets you work efficiently on the future of your network, service or product.

  1. Download Networkapp from the App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Phone Store
  2. Register via LinkedIn or e-mail.
  3. Use the event organiser’s event code.

Register with your email account, build your app in less than 15 minutes and try it out with your team. Like the result? Choose between the free or paid version.

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